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Why I Became a Mortgage Associate

I often get asked why I decided to become a Mortgage Associate later in life.

It is a valid question and one that I have a few responses for.

My initial response is that when I purchased my first home I went from bank to bank to credit union. Although this worked out for me and I went with the lowest interest rate, I still did not completely understand the mortgage process and different features of various mortgage products. Each financial institution was obviously working to sell me on their product even though there might be a better one out there for me. This shopping around proved to be very tedious. When my wife and I decided to purchase a new house, we decided to use a mortgage broker. What a joy it was to purchase a house. He made it easy and comfortable and we could tell that he was not working for one particular financial institution, but rather WORKING FOR US to find not only the best interest rate, but a product that would suit our lifestyle and goals. We better understood features of mortgage products such as prepayment options, portability, assumption, and prepayment penalty. He turned what could have been a very stressful time into an enjoyable experience. I had worked in helping professions for many years and wanted to continue to help people, but in a different capacity. Helping people improve their financial situation and save money was how I decided to continue helping people.

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